DICE™ Chemical Dosing System

DICE System

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Why Did We Create the DICE™ System?

The DICE™ System is Meunier Technologies solution to provide a simple, compact and reliable chemical dosing system for all the chemical dosing applications. It’s also our effort to make high quality chemical dosing systems accessible to all. Meaning no specific expertise or tools required. Its simplest form integrates a chemical dosing pump, a DICE™ dosing module and a calibration column all mounted on our unique DICE™ panel. These components allow for system safety, precision, reliability while having maintenance and troubleshooting capabilities.

Looking for a chemical dosing system that you will be able to put together on your own? The DICE™ System is for you!

It’s either sold as a complete pre-plumed and tested package or as individual boxed components to be assembled in your factory or directly on site in a few simple quick steps.

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Which DICE™ is the Best for You?

DICE™ DS & DM Comparison

Compatible with These Pumps​

Diaphragm Pump

Progressive Cavity Pump

Peristaltic Pump

Gear Pump

Vane Pump

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