DICE™ Panel

DICE™ System


Why Did We Create the DICE™?

The DICE™ System is Meunier Technologies effort to provide a simple, compact and reliable chemical dosing system for all the chemical dosing applications.

How to Install the DICE™ Panel

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General Features

Fast & Easy

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DICE™ Panel: Chemical Dosing Panel Simplified

The DICE™ Panel is Meunier Technologies effort to simplify and make chemical dosing panels accessible to all. Our unique design allows anyone to build and assemble its own chemical dosing panels within minutes, using only a screwdriver.

The panel’s design allows for the integration of the DICE™ module as well as the pump. The many openings provide the ability for users to configure the panel as they see fit, depending on their needs. The DICE™ system brings together all the necessary components while reducing the footprint.

Its ability to be flat pack drastically reduces the shipping and handling cost.

No Welding or Special Tools Needed

Technical Information

Body Material*
*Other material can be supplied on request
White HDPE


Which DICE™ Would Fit Your Needs?

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