Why Choose DICE™

Chemical Dosing Systems for Institutional & Commercial Applications

Your Chemical Dosing Solution

Enhancing Reliability & Precision

Chemical dosing systems must operate repeatably without losing prime, which increases efficiency. 

Eliminating Risks of Overpressure

Health and safety: All chemical dosing systems should have a pressure relief valve to avoid risks of overpressure and failure, exposing employees to chemicals.

Optimizing System Operation

A system validated within seconds during a routine inspection or after a chemical drum replacement improves efficiency.

The Essentials for Health and Safety


Enhanced Reliability & Precision

Easy Selection, Purchase & Installation

*For urgent requests, on all currently stocked DICE™ dosing modules.

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Customers Insights

“Meunier Technologie’s team provided us with their unique DICE™ products to maintain project execution in a time of supply chain fragility and uncertainty. Since day one, they have been delivering quality products within short project lead times. We could rely on their expertise to solve industry challenges by delivering the most reliable chemical dosing systems for our clients.”

“Meunier Technologies has provided us accurate and reliable chemical dosing systems in remote locations. Installation was performed without the need of any specific techniques, tools or training. Within forty five minutes the DICE™ had been installed and chemical was starting to be introduced in the process ”

“I can confidently say that DICE™ is a remarkable breakthrough for water treatment facilities. Our installation team was impressed by its seamless setup and the product’s user-friendly design. It’s been a fantastic addition to our operations, and I’m anticipating the opportunity to incorporate more DICE™ units into the plants I manage in the future.”

“DICE™ has proven to be a very easy dosing module for the injection system applications. In our case, we have used it for a chemical injection on a Reverse Osmosis water treatment system, where we were looking to achieve some accurate flow rates for a duplex system running different flow rates at the same time. With the DICE™ valve, and the shelf for the dosing pumps, we were able to combine a “lean concept” with a versatility of installation and calibration for the rates needed. At the end of the project our customer and us were very satisfied with to see the results of the new DICE™ valves installation: nice, lean, and professional looking. Closed succeed job!”

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