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Enhancing Reliability & Precision

Chemical dosing systems must operate repeatably without losing prime, which increases efficiency. 

Eliminating Risks of Overpressure

Health and safety: All chemical dosing systems should have a pressure relief valve to avoid risks of overpressure and failure, exposing employees to chemicals.

Optimizing System Operation

A system validated within seconds during a routine inspection or after a chemical drum replacement improves efficiency.

The Essentials for Health and Safety

  • A pressure relief valve to limit the maximum pressure that can be reached within the system ​
  • Easy depressurization for safer maintenance:​
  • A bleed valve to depressurize the pump discharge
  • A pressure indicator to validate the absence of pressure before doing maintenance

Enhanced Reliability & Precision

  • A back pressure valve providing constant chemical output while also serving as a reliable check valve, ensuring constant and repeatable operation of the dosing pump​​
  • A pressure indicator that allows the operator to immediately validate the proper function of the dosing pump​
  • An intuitive design that simplifies the system operation:
  • Minimal fluid volume to ease system pressurization
  • Troubleshooting within seconds
  • Vertical configuration to avoid gas lock conditions​

Easy Selection, Purchase & Installation

  • A standard design that suits any system
  • No tools nor expertise required which makes it easy to retrofit
  • Reduced time of installation
  • A fully assembled and tested module shipped within 48 hours*

*For urgent requests, on all currently stocked DICE™ dosing modules.


“Meunier Technologies offered us a simple and reliable solution to minimize those risks by integrating a necessary safety relief feature […]”

Alberta Health Services
“[…] I ​got sprayed by a chemical product when a flexible pipe in the system gave way because of too much pressure. […] I consider the use of an adjustable pressure relief valve to be an essential part of any chemical dosing system"
Testimonial - How to avoid overpressure incidents

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