How to Lock the Ball Valves on the DICE™ Chemical Dosing Modules DS or DM

The DICE™ chemical dosing modules DS and DM are offered with a lockout option. This ensures a safe environment by preventing any valve operation during the lockout period.

Carefully read the DICE™ DS and DM Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual before installation, start up and service.

How to lock the DICE™ Dosing Module in a Few Step

In the video, we show an exemplary lockout of the injection outlet ball valve, in the closed position.

As a start, close the injection ball valve or make sure it is in the closed position. Then, you have to insert the lockout cable into the valve handle lockout hole as shown in the following illustration. 

The ball valve is now locked in the closed position. The only step left is to use the cable locking device to secure the cable, and insert your personal lock in place.

When you are ready to unlock the injection outlet ball valve, simply remove the cable locking device and pull the cable out.

The same procedure applies for any DICE™ ball valves equipped with the lockout option. The DICE™ configuration allows you to lock the valve in either the opened or closed position.

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