DICE™: The Chemical Dosing System

Innovative Chemical Dosing System. All-in-one solution. Simple, Intuitive and Reliable.

✓ Addressing chemical leak challenges

✓ 2X reduced footprint

✓ Easy purchase & installation

Starting at $3257.00

*Sold as a complete system or individual components.
Varies depending on the number of pumps, pump selection, materials, controls, tubing /piping layout and materials, etc.

Shipped within as low as 2 weeks*

*Depending on quantities, size and material on hand, on all currently stocked pieces of DICE™ systems. 

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Addressed Chemical Leaks Challenges

No threaded or glued connections to minimize leakage potential, which reduces downtime and the costs of:

2X Reduced Footprint

Eased Purchase & Installation

*Depending on quantities, size and material on hand, on all currently stocked pieces of DICE™ systems.

Included in a DICE™ Chemical Metering System

Available as a complete pre-plumed and tested package or as individual boxed components to be assembled directly on site in a few simple quick steps.

Looking for the Technical Documents?

Get all the information you need with the DICE™ Tool Kit! Find the technical specifications, P&ID and IOM.

Traditional System VS DICE™ Innovation


“DICE™ provided us with a modular approach for designing and implementing reliable and safe chemical dosing packages, while minimizing the footprint and maximizing the usability of our systems. DICE™ allowed us to remove the complicated piping around the pumps and provided an easy to use and robust module for dosing harsh chemicals. The information was readily available to us by Meunier Technologies and I could not be happier with their team and their partners’ support throughout the entire project. My client now has the most modern, reliable and safe solution for their chemical dosing needs.”

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