City of Carignan: Installation of Two DICE™ Dosing Modules


  • Sodium hypochlorite dosing
  • Typical operating conditions: 17L/h @ 70psi
  • 1/2’’ module
  • Acrylic block
  • PVC components

The two DICE™ dosing modules installed at the City of Carignan are integrated into Pumpaction’s complete DcPac solution. The systems are used for chlorination of the city’s drinking water. Commissioning took place in September 2018. Given its substantially compact size, the DcPac has enabled the City of Carignan to save valuable space in its chemical products room. The system was installed on a lightweight metal structure, ensuring simple and quick integration.

Dominic DUBOIS – Superintendent at Aquatech

“The occurrence of leaks in pipe-based dosing systems is a real problem for us, especially with applications like sodium hypochlorite dosing. DICE™ helps me avoid these repairs while minimizing risks of exposure to chemical products for employees.”


“In an emergency situation, it’s important for me and for my operators to be able to diagnose a problem fast. Thanks to the system’s simplicity, I can verify that the DcPacs are running properly in a few seconds. The intuitively designed system provides ease of use, so operators feel comfortable with it.

When it’s time for replacement, a single tested and pre-adjusted component is all that needs to be replaced. This means I never have to call in a specialist, so system downtime is considerably reduced. Having a single part to maintain helps cut costs and gives me peace of mind knowing that the system can be functional again within a few minutes.”